Baby in bathtub For many homeowners, learning how to remove chlorine from water is an important goal. Some people may have concerns about long term exposure, and others may find the smell or taste objectionable. Good news! Whirlpool offers a full line of filtration systems for home water improvement. Key among these is our WHKF-GAC Granular Activated Carbon Filter.  This versatile product is based on a well understood and utilized method for using carbon for water filters. Granular activated carbon (also known as GAC Water Filter) can be used for fresh, great tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.  This low overall cost allows your family to drink with confidence knowing they are saving money.Girl drinking a glass of water

This easy-to-install granular activated carbon filter effectively reduces chlorine taste and odor, providing clean, fresh water straight from the sink. This water can be used for drinking, hand washing, and cleaning. Install beneath your kitchen sink so your family can enjoy great tasting coffee and soups without the cost of store-bought water. Designed to fit Whirlpool’s WHKF-DUF filter housing, this product can also be used as a suitable replacement filter for other brand’s standard sized housings,WHKF-GAC FIlter

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