Closeup of a coronavirus Many homeowners will often ask the question “What micron filter is needed for the home?” Often, they are surprised to find that even the safest home water supply may have significant amounts of dirt, sediment and rust in water that otherwise looks clean and clear. A whole house water filter can provide great protection for your household’s plumbing and fixtures. Whirlpool’s WHKF-GD05 Whole Home Standard Capacity Sediment Filter provides clean, filtered water throughout your entire home – reducing wear on seals, protecting appliances and keeping clothing looking new. Whirlpool whole home water filters can be applied to municipal water supplies, as well as providing a great answer to how to remove sediment from well water supplies. Particle comparison chart to 5 microns

In order to answer the question What micron filter is needed for the home?, we must look at the 5 micron filter. This 5 micron sediment filter removes particles much smaller than the eye can see, keeping water clean and clear. In fact, the 5 micron filter can even filter blood and bacteria! This whole house water filter Whirlpool designed as part of the best water filter system for home protection, can be used in a number of Whirlpool filter housings, including WHKF-DWHV and WHKF-DWH. It also fits in a host of standard housings as well.

This easy-to-install 5 micron sediment filter effectively reduces dirt, rust and sediment, providing clean, fresh water straight from the sink for drinking, hand washing, and cleaning. Installs on the incoming water line in your basement or garage, so your family can enjoy peace of mind. Designed to fit Whirlpool’s WHKF-DWHV and WHKF-DUF filter housing, this product can also be used as a suitable replacement filter for many others housings too. For most homeowners, the answer to the question “What micron filter is needed for the home?” is usually 5 microns.Though lower micron levels are available, they are often prone to clogging and intense debris build up.


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