Have you ever wondered how do you choose the best whole house water filter system? A whole house water filter provides great protection for your household’s plumbing and fixtures. Whirlpool’s complete line of whole house filtration systems offers choices to help achieve this important goal. But many homeowners wonder how they can choose the best water filter system for their particular home. Whirlpool is here to help!Woman who is confused about which water filtration system to purchase

Three options to choose from

There are three options to choose from for a whole house water filter Whirlpool designed for various homes. The primary criteria to help make the right choice is basically based on the home’s piping size. Most 3 to 4 bedroom homes (2 to 3 baths) are piped with ¾” pipe. Larger homes (5 bedrooms or more, and 3 or more baths) can be 1” or even 1 ¼” piped. This basic piece of information can help you choose the right filter housing for your needs.

For example, Whirlpool’s WHKF-DWH and WHKF-DWHV designs are each ported in ¾” female NPT. They work great for the 4 bedroom, 2 or 3 bath home, or smaller. For the larger piped homes, we offer our Large Capacity WHKF-DWHBB housing with 1” porting.

In addition, these filter systems help to protect your home’s plumbing, fixtures and even your clothing.  Which filter to use is the subject of a future article, but a 5 micron sediment filter removes particles much smaller than the eye can see, so consider those options for clearer water. Whirlpool designed our whole house water filter as part of the best water filter system for home protection. They are used with a number of Whirlpool replacement filter elements, including WHKF-GD05, WHKF-GAC or WHKF-WHPL or for the larger housing, WHKF-GD25BB or WHKF-WHPLBB. This answers the question on how do you choose the best whole house water filter system?

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