Whirlpool WHKF-DB2 – See WHKF-DB1

Model No: WHKF-DB2 (Filter replaced by WHKF-DB1)

  • WHIRLPOOL UNDERSINK WATER FILTER REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE fits most 10″ drop in style under sink filter systems from major brands including GE, Culligan, Dupont, Brita and others.
  • REDUCES CHLORINE TASTE AND ODOR IN WATER, as well as contaminants like, mercury, lead, cysts, asbestos, sediment and rust to improve overall water quality.
  • LONG-LASTING FILTER LIFE: This water filter for undersink use has a filter life of 6 months and a 500-gallon capacity.
  • NSF® TESTED AND CERTIFIED: A water filtration system you can trust – materials certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for food contact.
  • TRY WHIRLPOOL’S FULL LINE OF FILTRATION SYSTEM PRODUCTS including whole home filters, undersink filters, ice filters, replacement filters, and more.
  • CONVENIENCE OF UNDER-THE-SINK FILTRATION SYSTEMS eliminates the need for costly and bulky bottled water for drinking and cooking.
  • 5 -1 MICRON WATER FILTER: The lower the microns, the more contaminants are caught and reduced. Includes one replacement filter.
  • EASY INSTALLATION in the kitchen, bathroom, RV, or office. No need for water filter dispensers – enjoy filtered water straight from the tap.

This model is interchangeable with:
WHCF-DB1, WHCF-DB2 and many other manufacturer’s water filters

This filter is no longer in production: For replacement, we recommend Whirlpool’s WHKF-DB1 available on Amazon
WHKF-DUF Under Sink Filtration System

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Whirlpool WHKF-DB2 Cartridge Replaced by WHKF-DB1

The Whirlpool WHKF-DB2 is no longer in production. For replacement, please see WHKF-DB1. Undersink Water Filter Replacement Cartridge for fresh, great tasting water. The filter provides water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water, so your family can drink with confidence. This easy-to-install filter effectively reduces chlorine taste and odor. Whirlpool Undersink Water Filter Replacement Cartridge provides clean, fresh water straight from the sink for drinking, hand washing, and cleaning. Install beneath your kitchen sink so your family can enjoy great tasting coffee and soups without the cost of store-bought water. Suitable for household and commercial use the WHKF-DB2 is a premium Undersink Water Filter Replacement. No need for water filter dispensers – enjoy pure tasting water straight on tap! Try Whirpool’s full line of filtration system products, including whole home filters, undersink filters, ice filters, replacement filters, and more WHKF-DB1 UPC: 6928448338209