Whirlpool WHKF-WRC Strap Wrench, Fits Standard & Large Filter Housings

  • WHIRLPOOL UNIVERSAL STRAP WRENCH is compatible with all Whirlpool Standard and Large Capacity Filter Housings. 30-in. universal strap.
  • WHOLE HOME FILTRATION SYSTEM provides clean, fresh water throughout the entire house for drinking, bathing and cleaning.
  • WHIRLPOOL FILTER HOUSINGS reduce particles like sediment, sand, soil, silt, and rust to improve overall water quality.
  • TRY WHIRLPOOL’S FULL LINE OF FILTRATION SYSTEM PRODUCTS including whole home filters, undersink filters, ice filters, replacement filters, and more.
  • WHOLE HOME WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS can protect plumbing and ensure that water appliances function at peak performance.
  • WHIRLPOOL WATER FILTERS provide the same clean, fresh water customers expect from kitchen filtration systems throughout the entire house.
  • BY FILTERING WATER AT THE SOURCE, whole home filtration systems not only help protect plumbing, but also help to ensure that appliances continue to function at peak performance.




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Whirlpool WHKF-WRC Whole Home Filter strap wrench provides an easy way to change water filters from any sized housing.  By changing your water filters at the manufacturer recommended intervals, clean water will be regularly available for your entire household. In addition to the WHKF-WRC strap wrench, other accessories are also available for purchas ensuring that all Whirlpool whole home filtration systems are properly maintained. Whirlpool water filters will reduce the dirt and rust present in municipal water supplies which will improve water quality for bathing, cooking and cleaning. Whole home filters also reduce the sediment from well systems that can get into home plumbing, adversely affecting water pressure and damaging major appliances. Try Whirlpool’s full line of filtration system products including whole home filters, undersink filters, ice filters, replacement filters, and more. UPC: 6928448338391